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Our Public Chat Channel On IRC Is #Prussia.

Anyone who receives new attacks post 31.03 should inform both CnaedmacAilpn and Zedmark. Peace offers are being sent out from all the attackers as we speak

Government List
- CnaedmacAilpn


Members of Parliament
- Vacant
- Vacant
- Vacant

Minister Of Foreign Affairs
- Erakian

Deputy Minister Of Foreign Affairs
- Vacant

Minister Of Internal Affairs
- Vacant

Deputy Minister Of Internal Affairs
- Vacant

Minister Of Defense
- Vacant

Deputy Minister Of Defence

Minister Of Finance
- Vacant

Deputy Minister of Finance

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Comrade Ronjoy

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PostSubject: GPF Diplo   GPF Diplo I_icon_minitimeSeptember 28th 2014, 15:52

Ruler Name : Tehmina
Nation Name : The SUbcontinent
Nation Link : 523528
Alliance: Global Protection Force
Alliance Link: http://cn-gpf.com/forum/
Would you like an Embassy? [Y/N]: Yes
Alliance IRC Channel: #gpf
Alliance Team Color : Yellow
Reason For Visiting: Learning about TPC and iproving inter-alliance ties
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PostSubject: Re: GPF Diplo   GPF Diplo I_icon_minitimeOctober 8th 2014, 05:48

Apologies for the delay, You are now masked and your embassy awaits
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GPF Diplo
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