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Our Public Chat Channel On IRC Is #Prussia.

Anyone who receives new attacks post 31.03 should inform both CnaedmacAilpn and Zedmark. Peace offers are being sent out from all the attackers as we speak

Government List
- CnaedmacAilpn


Members of Parliament
- Vacant
- Vacant
- Vacant

Minister Of Foreign Affairs
- Erakian

Deputy Minister Of Foreign Affairs
- Vacant

Minister Of Internal Affairs
- Vacant

Deputy Minister Of Internal Affairs
- Vacant

Minister Of Defense
- Vacant

Deputy Minister Of Defence

Minister Of Finance
- Vacant

Deputy Minister of Finance

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 Diplomatic Mask Change Request

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PostSubject: Diplomatic Mask Change Request   November 18th 2014, 12:10

As of Wednesday, November 19. I will be requiring a change of Mask from Pax Corvus to the Confederation Of Independent States, along with an Embassy.

An Embassy for The Prussian Confederation has been pre-registered on the new forums at http://independentstates.forumotion.co.uk in anticipation of diplomatic visits.

The Confederation Of Independent States will launch with a Protectorate Treaty provided by our very good friends and allies the Knights Of The Round Table.

The Confederation Of Independent States has three members of High Government. The President, Vice President and Legislator. The Senate and House Of Representatives. The Government consists of Secretary Of State For Foreign Affairs, Secretary Of State For Internal Affairs, Secretary Of State For Homeland Affairs & Security, Secretary Of State For Finance & Trade, Secretary of State For Of Defence and Secretary Of State For Recruitment And Education. And of course myself as Founder/TFT.

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PostSubject: Re: Diplomatic Mask Change Request   November 19th 2014, 03:39

All the best in your new home
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PostSubject: Re: Diplomatic Mask Change Request   November 19th 2014, 12:19

Thanks guys. I will have to get cracking on recruiting. I'm a little rusty to say the least, as it is something that I haven't done across at Pax.
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PostSubject: Re: Diplomatic Mask Change Request   

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Diplomatic Mask Change Request
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